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Harry Hamster

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Harry Hamster. Information about hamsters.

Harry Hamster Homepage

Harry HamsterWe think that owning and caring for pet hamsters can be one of the most rewarding hobbies that anyone, child or adult, can have. Say Hi to Harry The Hamster (left), You will find Harry Hamster depicted as a dancing hamster doing the hamster dance in our logo.

We must point out that our Harry Hamster is not related to the CITV 'Harry the Hamster' nor is he a 'Dancing Hamster'.

This websites is intended to help you with your choice of pet hamster, giving you as much information on hamsters as we can gather for you.

A pet hamster does not cost a fortune to buy, house or keep. Best of all they are great little characters.

Bill and Ben, Harry Hamster's friendsWe have four dwarf Russian pet hamsters – two boys, “Bill & Ben” and two girls “Thelma and Louise”. We keep the boys in one enclosure and the girls in another.

They came to us as a result of a romance between the “Cassie” the hamster our grown up daughter bought, for our grandson’s birthday, and Cassie’s cage mate at the pet shop.

Ben and Thelma are very friendly and will climb on your hand when you put it in front of them. They do not try to run away when placed on the furniture or placed on our prone bodies.

Louise and Bill run a mile when they see our hands in the cage. The only way we can handle them is by trapping them in their exercise wheel and taking the wheel off its spindle with them in it. When they are out of the cage they will try to escape any way they can.

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